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The ARCh Youth Team

 ARCh developed the Youth Team in 1986 as part of its Prevention, Awareness, and Community Education (PACE) program.  The Youth Team is a grassroots effort - for teens, by teens (ages 13-18) from Waukesha County who work to “make a difference” in the community. These teens work to eliminate stereotypes, to educate the community about the capabilities and potential of all people, and to advocate citizenship exercised with diplomacy, courtesy and respect. The Youth Team also provides a voluntary opportunity for its members to work together as a team - to take action to help create a world in which all individuals are encouraged and empowered to participate to the best of their abilities.

ARCh Youth Team conducts a variety of community-changing programs:

Presentations -
The teens write and perform “Differences: Gotta Have ‘em!” presentations (dynamic, 45-minute performances featuring skits, music and personal stories) centered around the message that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Age-appropriate presentations are offered to students in grades K-12 in schools and churches; we also provide presentations for adults in businesses and community groups.  The Youth Team reaches thousands of people per year with this positive and powerful message.

“Teen Time” - Our young people plan and sponsor “Teen Time,” monthly service projects and socials with teens who have disabilities.  The purpose of these events is to promote development of social skills by providing positive peer interaction and role modeling in the context of educational and/or social activities and outings. 

Prevention - Youth Team members offer education about preventable causes of disabilities, promoting the health and safety of all children. Presentation topics include Fetal alchohol syndrome, lead poisoning, childhood accidents, strategies to enhance early childhood brain development, and Shaken baby syndrome.

Our SBS (Shaken baby syndrome) prevention program is unique and inspiring. A 2007 Wisconsin law mandated education about SBS for ALL students in grades 5-12. ARCh is the only agency in the state to offer a comprehensive, school-based, education program that is proven effective. Thanks to a partnership with the Shaken Baby Association, presentations are offered for groups of any size (student or adult) at no charge.

The "Hands to Help, Not to Harm" banner contains more than 20,000 signatures from students and adults who have promised never to shake a baby! Longer than a football field, the banner is the only one of its kind in the world... Created right here in Wisconsin by ARCh Youth Team members! It's a positive, proactive statement that we ALL can make a difference for children!



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