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Your membership in ARCh entitles you to the following benefits:

a Participation in small group activities and outings, Thursday Night Socials, Teen Time, Camp Pow Wow, Peer Power, True Beauty Club, etc.
a Subscription to ARCh’s NewsNotes, an informative newsletter highlighting opportunities for support from the agency and providing the most up-to date information on issues facing the disability community;
a Access to ARCh professional staff for information, education and assistance services, as well as life planning services;
a Opportunities for workshops and seminars regarding disability issues;
a The chance to meet and connect with other individuals and families to share experiences and ideas.

ARCh has many untapped opportunities and a promising future that will result in more meaningful programs to serve individuals with disabilities and their families.  We rely on your membership to help us continue our assistance and support of our friends and neighbors who have disabilities.

Thank you for helping to build a world where all people are valued and encouraged to contribute. To become a member of ARCh fill out the Membership Application and remit with your payment of $50 for families or $10 for adults with disabilities in assisted living situations, to the ARCh office.




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