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These days Facebook and Google has an interesting purpose other than friendship or gaining knowledge. That purpose is stalking. You might not agree with me, but in your heart you know that you stalk a lot of people on Facebook. I am not criticizing you. In fact I stalk too. And that’s why I know that Facebook and Google are not of much help in this field. So I have come up with a better site that would make stalking easy for you. You just have to use Pipl search engine. Haven’t heard about it? Read on.




What is Pipl?

“Stalking” might not sound very decent, so let’s call it, “searching”. You know Google is the best search engine in the world. But when it comes to searching about people, Google generally fails. Google can give you information about famous people instantly. But would it give a pleasing result, if you search your neighbour on Google? No, I guess. There comes the importance of search engines like Pipl. Pipl is a people search engine which gathers information from social networking sites, search engines and other databases, depending on your search. Pipl takes into account all popular social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and so on.


How Does Pipl Work?

Pipl is better than other search engines when it comes to people searching. That’s because Pipl searches from the depth. Also it is unique compared to other search engines because it concentrates on searching people only, irrespective of their locations. Which means Pipl does not limit itself to any particular country.

For getting a meaningful outcome, all you have to do is search with a name and location. You can also get fruitful results by searching with email id or phone number.


Who Are The Users Of Pipl?

Anybody can use Pipl. Just you need to have the objective of finding information about someone. Pipl can be particularly helpful for serious crime investigations.

Pipl has a premium version for professionals. This version is guaranteed with unlimited add free searches and more consistent results.


What Information Can You Get Through A Pipl Search?

Pipl goes to the core to collect information and therefore compiles whatever information available from a certain person’s social media accounts, their job profiles and so forth.  It also collects information from Google Map, phone gallery etc if access is available. And by cross channelling all these information, Pipl brings you an acceptable product most of the time.


The information that it reveals, generally comprise of the following components:

  1. Photos

 Any Pipl search would bring you an image because everybody has their photo affixed on their social media accounts. And it is the most basic thing to reveal about any person.


  1. Profile Information

 Pipl also brings you information from a person’s social profiles, like their gender, what languages they speak, where they live, where they had gone for vacation, what books they love, what movies they watch, what kind of music they enjoy and so on.


  1. Career Information

 Career information like which school they had gone to, which subject did they study in college, which organization they work in are also visible in a Pipl search.


  1. Verification of Information

 Sometimes you can also verify or justify or re-confirm the information that you already have through a Pipl search. You can check if somebody gave you right information about them or not through Pipl.



Disadvantages of Pipl

 Piplgenerally does not have any shortcoming, other than the fact that sometimes, it gives pointless information. This happens because there are many in this world with same names and surnames. So this much limitation is worth neglecting.


Hopefully now you know enough to give Pipl a try. For further details, you can go to our web page

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