Different ways to use keywords in your blog post

Search engines are the large source of traffic to one website. You need to optimize your post or content and entire website to gain a good amount of traffic by implementing Search engine optimization techniques. And you know, the first step ahead of getting the amount of traffic, even before the actual launch of a website or design or layout, will be Keyword research. Most of the newbies, who start a new blog, do not have any plan what to do and how to do. You should spend the time to research your keyword, make a plane about the ranking of that keyword by optimizing, creating backlinks or other stuff, but there should be some plan.


keyword research


How to use Different ways to use keywords in your blog post?

As I said, keyword research is the most important step; any experienced blogger will spend more time in keyword researching than writing content or other stuff. Before I guide you about keywords adjustment, keep one thing in mind, Keyword Density must be less than 3%. Higher percentage may fall in google keyword stuffing penalty. Never forget to check keyword density after you done with your article.


User main keyword in blog title:

I am not talking about stuffing the keyword, posting the same phrase like “how to do keyword research” everywhere, in image alt tags, Meta description, body, title. It would easily spam your website if you continue doing this in 4, 5 posts.

You should use this keyword using different keyword phrases, but try to put “Keyword research” keyword most of the time, this not going to spam your website. You can use google keyword planner tool to pic right keyword for your webpage.

Your post title should be what you have researched, then distribute the keyword, and have 4,5 same meaning keywords for your post.


Narrow down your topic?

If you are going to create a post for timely post, then go to the Google trends, and have some hot topics or go to the Yahoo answers and try to find what phrase people use to find a solution or product, use that keyword in your post title, and repeat the keyword phrase 2,3 time in your blog post.

But, by putting the keyword you only driver users one time, to engage them, you should narrow down, and try to describe one thing at one time.

It would be like unfolding the knots of a rope starting from the one end of the rope, start unfolding the knots one by one, and do not break the sequence, until all unfolded.


Appropriate Meta tags:

Try to use an appropriate Meta tag in your blog post, as you already have put the main keyword in your title, and in some heading. I am repeating this, do not repeat the same keyword phrase, and use the main keyword in some heading, title.

Either it would be heading, Meta or title; there should be proper meaning of what you have made. Do not try to put a word what does not have any meaning in a sentence. Check Moz guide to learn more about meta tags.


Use keyword in links:

You know, Google put more weights in links text comparing to the unlinked text. So, must use your keyword in and around links, but there should be the meaning of that link text or keyword. Do not try to irritate user by linking the keyword to another page or post.

For example, the topic, “Different ways to use keywords in your blog post” you can link in the post the keyword “How to do keyword research” and the user will love to go to this link, as it got the sense and value for him/her.

And put the image in your content, the alt tag should be what the image is trying to describe in your post.

So, have a great keyword research, and try to bring some information or knowledge for a user by writing down valuable information.

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