Curriculum, Teaching and Professional Development

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Teaching is a very responsible position and their professional development and full command on curriculum is the key to development of future generation into successful individuals.



Teaching and Professional Development

Teachers are builders of nation and have the power of moulding the future generations into useful productive members of society if they play their roles well enough and fulfil their duties with responsibility. Teachers have many matters to look into which not only include teaching and personality development of students, but also the development and implementation of curriculum as well. In this article, we are going to discuss teachers’ role in curriculum development and implementation of it and the professional development of teachers, as it should be.


Teachers and Curriculum

Although there are experts, school administrators and educational institutes spending long hours on development of curriculum and work on the relevance of subjects to the current era and its needs; but it is an undeniable fact that teachers are the ones who really know what an effective curriculum should look like and what should be included or excluded from it. They are the ones who are working directly with the students, so they know what kinds of topics, and subject matter will really benefit the students. It is imperative, therefore, to let teachers play major role in development of curriculum and in important decision making processes in this regard.


There are four major parts of curriculum development and teachers should be consulted in every step.

  1. Planning

The needs of students are best known to the teachers who are teaching them and interact with them on daily basis. Authorities mostly try to include skills they deem beneficial for the students but it is the teachers who really know well enough what kinds of skills or skill sets are needed for students to learn in order to prosper.

So while planning the curriculum, teachers should be consulted in order to add or exclude any skill and the level of difficulty for particular grade.

Professional Development

  1. Creation

As teachers are the ones, who eventually are going to teach the curriculum to the students, they should be part of the creation process as well. They are a better judge about the kind of activity fit for students in particular frame of time. Input from various teachers can be solicited in creation process to give them sense of ownership and help them produce good results.

  1. Implementation

In this step, the whole responsibility now lies with the teachers. They should be able to implement curriculum properly and with responsibility so that the targets associated with development of the curriculum can be achieved in most optimum way possible. If the teachers fail to implement the curriculum the way it was planned and designed, the whole effort is wasted.

  1. Reflection

This is an important part of the whole process as it helps in pointing out defects or weaknesses present in the curriculum and/or in any step along the way and gives you opportunity to rectify your own mistakes as well and prepare you to deal with it in much better way before the next session. This can help teachers as well as authorities to revise or change the curriculum all together depending upon the nature of weaknesses found.



Professional Development of Teachers

Like any other profession in the world, professional growth and development of teachers is a nessecity of the contemporary era as new technology is being developed on daily basis, even hourly basis. So professional development of teachers cannot be ignored as they are going to lay the foundation for our future generation who needs to have their fingers on the pulse of passing time. To prepare students for their future challenges and make them effective in perplexing situations, teachers must adopt new and more sophisticated methods. Effective Professional Development helps teachers to develop their own skills and help them introduce new techniques in imparting education to their students.

Professional Development of teachers incorporates following techniques to enhance their skills and productivity.

  • Focus on discipline specific curriculum to develop techniques to make it easy to learn; subjects like mathematics, science or literature.


  • Encourage active learning and let teachers design their own teaching strategies that can engage the students in learning. This can be done by developing interactive activities that should be incorporated with the traditional lecture based model.


  • Teachers share their experiences and ideas with other teachers and discuss new strategies that can help all in improving their teaching methods.


  • Professional development includes reflections shared by teachers as well. They can offer their point of view about weaknesses in curriculum or any of their teaching strategies and can change it according to the current situation and educational need.


  • Professional Development let the teachers take their time in learning, practicing and implementing new strategies and experiments and let them develop an effective teaching strategy.


Author’s Bio: Julian Watson has been associated with educational field for the last 27 years. She writes for educational journals regularly like Write Cheap Essay. She does social work at local church. She loves music.

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