A Blood blister in mouth: Causes and treatments

What is a blood blister in mouth?

The blister which contains red or black fluid underneath the mouth skin is called blood blister. The fluid includes blood because it is a blood blister. Moreover, lymph, serum, and other fluids are also fulfilled in blood blister.


blood blister in mouth


How is a blood blister in mouth formed?

The breakage of blood vessels below the lining of the mouth triggers a blood blister. The blood and other body fluids stream into the tissue under the skin and result in irritation on the affected skin. Normally, the blood blister is raised from the skin because its other name is a bubble of blood in the mouth.  But in some case, the blister remains flat and stays underneath the skin. The shape and size of blood blister in the mouth also depend much on the reason why you have a blister. If the blister continues to relapse, it might be an indication of unrevealed health problem.

Some people mistake blood blister in the mouth with an oral ulcer because they both have deep red color in the surrounding. Moreover, the pain caused by blister and ulcer is bothering, especially when you eat acidic, salty or hot food and drink. But according to the doctors on WebMD, the oral ulcer usually locates on the roof of mouth, tongue, and the inside of the cheek. The red color of ulcer edge is darker than the center so that the inside of ulcer is the most sensitive part which causes pain immediately after consuming spicy and sour food. Keep hygiene in your oral cavity and rinse your mouth with salt water several times a day while avoiding acidic or spicy food to prevent more severe ulcer is the most highly recommended treatment for the oral ulcer.


What are causes of a blood blister in mouth?

Before mentioning the treatment for blood blister, you had better know what are the causing factors of blood blister?

1.    Mouth injury

It is considered as the most common cause of blood blister. Friction, accidentally biting the cheek can easily cause blood blister in the mouth.

  • Friction: Your teeth have to rub against the inner side of cheek while you are eating. And sometimes it leads to irritation then forms the blood blister on the inner cheek or inner lips. The structure of mouth along with movement coordination while chewing or talking both affects the result of blister formation. Furthermore, people who have crooked and disposition teeth seem to have more injury and blood blister in the mouth.
  • Biting. Sudden lip biting, cheek, and tongue biting are popular. When the teeth enough strength on the mucous lining, the mouth skin does not break, but there’s also mild injury happening underneath the skin. Afterward, blood blister is formed. Pay attention to the sudden biting; if it happens involuntarily, there will be considered as a disorder.
  • Impact: Having a fight or accidentally strike against the hard thing in your mouth also leads to blood blister in the mouth. Uninvolved skin breakage is an initial condition to form a blister.

2.    Piercing

Piercing is so popular that the location for piercing is various till now. Tongue piercing attracts more and more young people because of its unique place. But infection from tongue piercing is also higher than other piercings. Food, bacteria from oral cavity provides broken skin around piercing an ideal environment for infective development. The infection continues to rise while the cells keep connect to other and form a new skin around the piercing. And at last, blood blister appears.

3.    Low platelet

The platelet is necessary for blood clot formation to prevent excessive bleeding when you get an injury. The lower incidence of platelet lets blood flow into your mucous membrane more; even it is a small injury.

4.    Allergy

Food allergies can irritate your mouth and lead to blood blister lately. Nuts, shellfish, or some fruits are the most common food causing hypersensitivity in your mouth. The Bloody crust, swelling, and redness are the ordinary consequences of blister caused by food allergy. Usually, the blister caused by allergy is not painful and able to heal quickly once allergic substances are removed.

5.    Nutritional deficiency

Scurvy, bleeding under the skin and around the gum both indicates that your body lacks the amount of vitamin B, C, and iron. Blood blister on the gums, stubs, tongues, and cheek all means that you need more vitamin and mineral supplement.

6.    Abuse

Tobacco and alcohol are never recommended in health care section because of its consequence which includes blood blister in this case. Excessive use of these drugs leaves severe ulceration in your oral cavity then leads to a blister on the inner lips, tongue, and roof of the mouth.

7.    Oral herpes

Painful red blister on the soft palate, cheek, and gum are both caused by the herpes simplex virus- 1 which happens when your immune system declines. When the blister breaks, the light red ulcer is left in your oral cavity. Usually, fever, muscle aches, and fatigue are usually seen in herpes sufferer.

8.    Diabetes

Diabetes is dangerous because of its various complications. Especially, diabetes makes you more prone to kinds of infection that affect skin and nerves. Oral infection is reported in the person with diabetes that red patches on the cheek, mouth roof and gum appear and lead to blood blister in your mouth.


How to treat a blood blister in mouth?

What should you do if you have blood blister in your mouth? Should you pop the blister? The answer is no. Squeezing or popping blood blister causes more bleeding, ulceration, and pain. The injury even gets more infection, and it is harder for you to find treatment. In some case, the blood blister pops and bursts accidentally, disinfect and keep the oral cavity clean is your mission to protect the healing process of a blood blister.

Moreover, hygiene is initial for oral health. Depend on the location of blood blister that you find an appropriate way of cleaning your teeth. Avoid using a brush while having raised blister if you don’t want the blister to break and widen the ulcer area.

Using home remedies for blood blister in the mouth is also recommended.

1.    Turmeric

The anti-inflammatory and healing contents make turmeric a precious for the skin problem. Applying a slide of fresh turmeric on blister or mixture of turmeric powder and honey twice a day helps reduce the size of blister and stimulates healing process remarkably. Or you can drink milk with turmeric powder if you found the taste of turmeric is too much.

2.    Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera not only relieves inflammation but also helps boost up the healing of blood blister. Just apply fresh Aloe Vera gel on the blister daily till the blood blister disappears.

3.    Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel helps drain the blood from blister fast and reduce the pain and inflammation caused by blood blister. An amount of Witch Hazel juice on blister every day is enough to soothe blood blister in the mouth.

When do you need to go to the doctor? After checking for the healing process as well as the cause of blood blister in the mouth, you see that the blister shows no recovery and it is still painful day by day, report to your doctors so that they can find out the underlying cause of blister and provide precious treatment.




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