7 Productivity Tools To Boost Your Business Productivity in 2018

According to a Salary.com 2014 survey, a whopping 89% of employees waste time at work. 31% of employees wasting 30 minutes daily, 31% wasting employees wasting 1 hour and 16% wasting 2 hours daily. Instead of improving, the situation has got even worse. The latest survey from Office Team highlights the gravity of the problem by revealing that an average employee spends 56 minutes every day using their cell phones at work for non-work activities. Add emails, meetings and noisy co-workers and you will be amazed how much time you are wasting at workplace every single day.

With growing competition, businesses want their employees to work at peak productivity levels. How could you make it possible? Productivity tools are the answer. These tools streamline and automate your task management and help you achieve more with fewer resources. To help you choose the best productivity enhancement tool, here are seven productivity tools that you must try in 2018.


7 Productivity Tools

1. Rescue Time
Productivity is all about managing your time efficiently. RescueTime is an ideal choice for this purpose. It works silently in the background and analyzes how much time you spend on each activity. After analyzing your daily work pattern, it provides you a detailed report on it. Users can even set goals and restrict the time they spend on useless activities. RescueTime raises the red flag to notify you about spending more time than the allocated quota on a particular task. All this and much more help you to reclaim hours of your workday. You will have to use it to see the positive change.

2. Evernote
Famous as a note taking the app, Evernote does much more than that. Whether it is taking notes, collecting information, clipping content from multiple sources, share information, you can do it all with Evernote. Its cross-platform nature means that you can access all your data from any device imaginable.

Stephen Alred, founder of Ignite Financial shares how Evernote helped him to be more productive. He said, “As an entrepreneur, I come with related and unrelated ideas 24/7. Most of the ideas are failures but one may be something worth exploring further. Having it sync across all of my devices is a Godsend and allows me to be 3-5x more productive in my endeavors than other fast-movers that I know.”

3. Google Drive
With the emergence of cloud storage services and popularity of cloud-based platforms, many businesses are jumping on the cloud bandwagon. Google Drive changed the game by combining cloud storage with a productivity office suite. Create, edit and share documents and collaborate on documents with your team members in real time. You can even scan documents just by taking a picture of the document and convert them to PDF. Tracking changes is a breeze with Google Drive, which will help you with versioning control. Organize all your files in one place and access them anytime, from anywhere with an internet connected device.

4. Taskque
TaskQue is a free task management software that uses a smart algorithm to intelligently balance the workload of your employees to boost their productivity. Batch together similar resources together and assign a task to a group instead of assigning a task to every team member separately. Juggle multiple projects simultaneously without any hassle by creating separate workspaces for each. Create To-Do lists for personal and professional use and never miss any task again.

With TaskQue, you don’t have to tweak your business process to map on software processes because TaskQue automatically adjusts according to the way you work.  Conduct result-oriented meetings and note down key points with Discussion and Discussion minutes feature. Track progress and take action with Summary and insights. Best of all, you don’t have to download and install anything to use TaskQue. Did I mention that it is a cloud-based software? This means that you can access it anytime, from anywhere with any internet connected device.

5. Stay Focused
Stayfocsd is not a tool but it does much more than a productivity tool. It is basically a browser extension that prevents your employees from wasting time online of different websites. All you have to do is to download this plugin, create a list of blacklist websites that you don’t want your employees to access and Viola! The plugin will ask you to allocate a time to each site. Once an employee tries to visit a blacklisted website, the timer starts and as soon as it reaches the allocated limit, they will be banned from accessing the website again. With StayFocused, you can easily control how much time your employees spend on different websites.

6. Tettra
Want your employees to be productive? Why not provide them with a centralized knowledge base and cut down they spend looking for information? This is especially useful today where employees are exposed to tons of information, which leads to information overload. That is what Tettra help you to achieve. Founded by ex-HubSpot employees, this knowledge management system deserves your attention. Just like Google Drive did for documents, Tettra did the same for knowledge. You can easily create, organize, manage and share knowledge with Tettra. With Slack integration, you can rest assured that every piece of information is available to your employees where they want it the most.

7. Hound
Automation has taken the world by storm. The rise of virtual assistants speaks volumes about its success. You can also automate business operations and deliver quick and accurate responses to customer queries. That is where Hound comes into play. Hound acts as your assistant and answers queries you throw at it. Katie McMahon, GM of Hound shed some light on how Hound can enhance your productivity by saying, “Users can voice their requests naturally as if they were speaking to a person — no keyword-based prompts or phrases needed — and can follow up to refine their results and get more done, faster.” She further adds, “The technology that powers Hound includes Speech-to-Meaning (TM) technology and advanced AI technology created by SoundHound Inc.” This means that it is highly capable at handling complex queries as well.

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